Quantum Industry Coalition Applauds Quantum Language in Annual Defense Bill

The Quantum Industry Coalition strongly supports the inclusion of language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (NDAA) that will promote quantum research and development within the Defense Department, expand the Department’s outreach to the quantum industry, promote quantum workforce development efforts, and improve cybersecurity.  The Coalition, a group of companies involved in quantum research and development and committed to US leadership in the quantum fields, applauds the House and Senate Armed Services Committees for integrating Defense Department quantum efforts with the National Quantum Initiative, which will enable faster progress on both the military and the civil front.

The Coalition thanks Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Inhofe and Ranking Member Reed, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Smith and Ranking Member Thornberry, Senators Rounds and Peters, and Representatives Panetta, Langevin, Larsen, and Stefanik for their leadership and foresight in crafting this important legislation.

The NDAA requires the Defense Department to:

  • Establish Quantum Information Science Research Centers within each branch of the military that will work with public- and private-sector organizations to enhance and accelerate research;
  • Open up the quantum information science and technology development program to international partners;
  • Promote workforce development in the quantum information science space;
  • Work with a variety of organizations (the subcommittee on Quantum Information Science of the NSTC, other Federal agencies, and the private sector) to develop plans to accomplish several goals, including:
    • the development of the quantum information science and technology workforce;
    • enhancing awareness of quantum information science and technology;
    • reducing the risk of cybersecurity threats posed by quantum information science technology; and
    • developing of ethical guidelines for the use of quantum information science technology;
  • Work with NIST and other federal agencies to develop a taxonomy of standards and requirements for quantum information technology;
  • Increase the technological readiness level of quantum information science technologies already under development by the US government.
  • Report to Congress on all quantum activities, including: a roadmap for the activity; a summary of the funding provided for the activity; and an estimated timeline for the development and military deployment of quantum technologies supported through the activity;
  • Provide an update on its classification and cybersecurity practices relating to quantum technology, focusing on the security processes and requirements for engagement with allied countries, along with a plan for security-cleared government and contractor workforce development.

For more information on the Quantum Industry Coalition, please visit www.quantumindustrycoalition.com.